• Dark Tarot 750
  • Romeo and Juliet 750
  • Graphic Design
  • Video 750
  • Florham Art 750
  • Video Games 750
  • Stagecraft 750
  • Working in Oil 750
  • Graphic Arts 750


FDU School of the Arts

In September 2018, FDU will inaugurate its newest school - The FDU School of the Arts. FDUArts will be a robust center of learning for students who seek arts training grounded in a real-world framework.

FDUArts is integral to the University’s Strategic Plan and forthcoming 75th anniversary capital campaign, One University Many Dreams.

FDUArts students will discover an innovative curriculum that combines a strong liberal arts education, hands-on creative work, valuable opportunities for internships, and an integrated new approach to arts entrepreneurship.

Graduates will be equipped to thrive in today’s – and tomorrow’s – complex interconnected world. Students will develop:

  • A strong personal artistic vision and enhanced creative skills.
  • An entrepreneurial understanding of their work and careers.
  • An understanding of the digital realm as a medium for creativity, community, and marketing.
  • A network of professional mentors and colleagues to jump-start their careers.
  • An understanding of interdisciplinary collaboration.

To help build and grow FDUArts, the University actively seeks people who are as passionate as we are about this initiative to join the FDUArts Advisory Board. This group will help build and grow FDUArts. The Advisory Board will meet three times per year. It is expected that each member will make a meaningful annual philanthropic commitment to the School.

Building FDUArts will be exciting. It’s not often that one has the opportunity to affect talented, motivated young people’s lives in so direct a way.

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To learn more, contact:

Geoffrey Weinman, Ph.D.
Dean, Becton College of Arts and Sciences

Jane Savitt Tennen
Development Director, FDUArts