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Post August 7, 2018

Review the below important information on:

  • Welcome New and Returning International Students
  • Medical Insurance for International Students
  • EPS Classes and Immigration rule
  • Less Than Full Time – Final Semester
  • CPT for Fall 2018
  • USCIS Update on Third Party Employment Placements for STEM OPT
  • Connecting with ISS


Welcome New and Returning International Students

FDU will welcome over 130 new international students from 45 countries during new International Student Orientation.

For arrival information and New International Student Orientation please visit -

ISS Metropolitan Campus Schedule

Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm 

Closed Wednesday 9am to 12pm

Walk-In Advising Hours    Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2pm - 5pm

Non Walk-In Times - All other times ISS is open and students may schedule an appointment with an advisor or submit requests. (Except CPT requests)

***Please see the modified schedule for the week of August 20
                       Closed - Monday 8/20 12pm – 5pm (No Walk In Hours)
                      Open – Wednesday 8/22   9am – 5pm (Walk in Hours 2pm to 5pm)
                      Closed – Thursday 8/23 9am – 5pm  (International Student Orientation)
                      Closed – Friday 8/24  9am – 5pm   (International Student Orientation)                               

Location: International Student Services House 841 River Road Teaneck (2 houses south of Public Safety)


ISS Florham Campus Schedule

Monday and Friday 9am – 4:30pm

The office is open for Walk-In advising but it is suggested to make an appointment or call in advance to ensure an advisor is available to meet with you.

            ***Please see the modified schedule for the week of August 20
                        Closed – Monday 8/20
                        Closed – Tuesday 8/21
                        Open – Wednesday 8/22  9am – 4:30pm
                        Open – Thursday 8/23  9am – 4:30pm
                        Closed – Friday 8/24  (International Student Orientation)

Location: Student Center - Dean of Students Suite


Medical Insurance for International Students

All international students will be automatically provided and billed medical insurance through United Health Care for the coverage period of  August 15, 2018 to August 14. 2019 (fall semester and returning students).

The medical insurance will be charged to your FDU student account after course registration. International students must enroll themselves into the medical insurance plan in order to have access to the United Health Care insurance plan.

Returning students may access the insurance program after August 15.

New students may access the insurance program 48 hours after course registration.

Go to the following webpage for additional enrollment and insurance information.

Students due to graduation in December 2018 will be charged the full year of insurance and may request a half-year reimbursement in January after program completion is confirmed by Enrollment Services. See the above webpage for additional details on this process.

Students Taking EPS Fall 2018 – New Immigration Rules

EPS classes are considered English Language Support Classes.

Although at FDU EPS courses are considered 3 credit courses that can be used toward your university full time study registration and therefore eligible toward your scholarship, they do not count as part of a full time study for immigration status.

You must review the following webpage for additional deals about the immigration rules related to EPS classes:

Less Than Full Time Enrollment – Fall 2018

Are you entering your final academic semester in the Fall 2018 and do not have a full course load to complete your degree?

If yes, then you must submit the ISS Less Than Full Time Enrollment Form to ISS.

Complete the LFT Enrollment form located in ISS in the FORMS area or download the form. - This form must be completed by the student as well as academic advisor, then submitted to ISS.

Curricular Practical Training

Are you planning to do Curricular Practical Training (CPT) during Fall 2018? Please keep in mind the FDU policy regarding CPT is any off campus work experience needs to have a work authorization attached to it either in the form of CPT or OPT. This will include all paid or unpaid work, including off campus internships and training experiences. If you are working without authorization it is considered a violation of immigration status.

Processing times for CPT is 5 – 7 business days and requires you submit the completed CPT packet to an ISS advisor during Walk-In Advising Hours (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2pm-5pm). If you plan to begin CPT during the Fall session you must apply early to ensure you can begin on time.  

You must remember that you cannot begin working until you have been approved by our office and a new I-20 has been issued. For information on the CPT process, please visit the Office of International Student Services website, or come to the office to pick up the CPT application package.

USCIS Update on Third Party Employment Placements for 24 Month STEM OPT

USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) has revised information on its STEM OPT webpage, clarifying the interpretation of the regulations regarding the employer-employee relationship "requirement" and conditions for third party placements, for STEM OPT students and employers.

The USCIS webpage is considered as policy guidance from USCIS. You may review the Federal Regulation on OPT STEM Extension as well as the USCIS webpage on STEM Employment below.

FEderal register Final Rule (regulation)

USCIS webpage on stem opt

International Student Services urges students on STEM OPT and students applying for STEM OPT to consult with their employers and a qualified attorney in order to understand the possible ramifications of this change on their employment.
ISS cannot provide guidance or interpretation of this information. Should your employer consider themselves in compliance with immigration regulations and policies, students may submit the appropriate documentation to ISS for STEM OPT processing.

Additional information can be found on the NAFSA webpage:

Connecting with ISS

Please be sure to stay in touch with International Student Services either on Facebook  (FDU ISS)  or on the ISS news page

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