Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

Mission Statement:

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment supports the University mission by its commitment to developing and providing quality and accurate information for effective policy formulation, decision-making, accreditation, assessment and strategic planning activities at the University. The  mission of the office is two-fold: (1) Collect, analyze, interpret and disseminate information collected from internal and external sources to various University constituencies; (2) Lead and coordinate assessment of institutional effectiveness in  academic support and administrative areas, and provide methodological, analytical and logisticsal support for assessment of student learning outcomes.

In support of its mission, the Office designs and conducts research projects; produces standard and specialized reports; responds to federal, state mandates and other external requests for institutional data, and monitors compliance with various federal and state mandates; provides data and analytical support for assessment of student learning, and continuous improvement activities in administrative/academic support units; conducts student experiences and satisfaction surveys; supports campus retention efforts; develops and maintains a data warehouse of historical and current institutional information.

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Staff Information:

Sam Michalowski, Ph.D.
Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Assessment
Phone: 201-692-2060

Bin Cheng, M.A.
Associate Director

Phone: 201-692-2059

Jamie Duggan, M.A.
Associate Director

Phone: 201-692-2753

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Password protected area containing the FDU Fact Book, results of survey research, enrollment tracking reports and more. If you need access to this section, please call Bin Cheng at 201-692-2059 or e-mail him at

Institutional Research and Assessment
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